Thursday, June 14, 2012

TVpad M121: upgrade your firmware to 2.72

The upgrade package to firmware 2.72 can now be downloaded here:

Link firmware 2.72

There are different upgrade packages depending on what firmware version you currently have and the model number. Go to Settings icon (grey icon) and then system info icon (last icon) to check your current firmware version. Download the correct upgrade package!

Instructions to upgrade your firmware:
1. First, download the correct upgrade package.
2. Then, put the downloaded upgrade package (.tar file) in an USB-stick.
3. Now, start your TVpad and connect your USB-stick with your TVpad. Temporary, remove the micro-sd card from your TVpad.

4. Go to settings (grey icon on the left site), then go to the green upgrade icon (with 2 arrows in the icon). After that, allow it to update to firmware 2.72. It takes about 5-10 minutes to update the firmware and it will automatically reboot your TVpad after that.
5. After the firmware upgrade, you have to un-install all the apps and install them again. After you have installed all the apps, you can remove your USB-stick and put the micro-sd card back in the TVpad.

Go to this page for the TVpad3 promotion packages:

Your firmware version should now be 2.72 after the upgrade