Below are some demonstration video's of the different apps for TVpad M233 (TVpad2)/M121S/M121/M120

粵海寬頻 App

Channel list

港粤快看 App (Video on demand)

Niji Show App

影视谷 App (Video on demand)

体育Online App

Channel list

516網路電視 App

Channel list


Channel list

Youtube App

Youku App

Solive app

HOTV app

Karaoke 我爱K歌 app

For more video's of the TVpad apps, go to the Youtube channel of the video's above.

The quality of the livestreams

Generally speaking, the live channels are of average quality (good enough to watch). Only 1 channel (高清翡翠台HD) has almost HD quality feel. The rest of the live channels are of average quality (even if they have "HD" in their channel name). They are not 1080P streams.