Thursday, August 23, 2012

TVpad M121 is discontinued

It seems that you can't buy the TVpad M121 version anymore, so I assume it's discontinued. Hopefully, the firmware upgrade package to 3.0 will now be released soon.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

TVpad M121S apps download link + Android remote control app

TVpad M121S apps can be downloaded and installed in the online "TVpad store" inside the "App Manager"  (this can be seen in firmware 3.0 or higher). Upgrade your firmware to the latest firmware version if you haven't done that yet.

Furthermore, TVpad also has released an Android app allowing you to use to use your phone or tablet as a remote control. This app only works with firmware version 3.0 on the TVpad. Also, your phone or tablet need to have Android version 2.2 or higher.

You can download this Android app here:
Android app

Thursday, August 2, 2012

More TVpad M121S apps are coming? (粵海時移 app, Taiwan star 星 app and sports app)

It seems that more apps are coming besides the Korean apps and the video on demand apps (mentioned in my previous posts) on the TVpad M121S. The next apps are not announced yet and it seems that they are not yet available on the TVpad M121S (with firmware 3.0):

The first app is the Guangdong Time-shift app (粵海時移 app). This app (known for live HK channels) delays the livestreams by 12 hours.

The second app (Taiwan star 星) seems to be an app with content from Taiwan, perhaps more live channels from Taiwan?

The third app is another sports app. Maybe more sports channels?

When I know more information about these apps, I will make another post to keep you updated.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What are the differences between the TVpad M121S and M121? (M121S vs. M121)

Differences between the TVpad M121S and M121

The TVpad management only mentioned that the CPU inside the M121S is the TCC8902 and there is 512M RAM inside the M121S. The CPU inside the M121 is the TCC8901 and there is 256M RAM inside the M121. Searching the Internet for more information about the CPU, it can be noticed that the CPU core is the same between the TCC8902 and the TCC8901 (see this link and this link). They are both clocked at 800MHz. The GPU is also the same. It seems that there is only more RAM in the M121S compared to M121. The retail price of the M121S is going to be $30 higher than the M121 ($259 vs $229, both without discount applied). Most likely, the TVpad M121 will be discontinued.
                                                                                                                                              Furthermore, M121S has firmware version 3.0 which allows you to watch more foreign channels (Korean TV streams) and it has more video on demand apps. Also, in firmware version 3.0, you can search for the apps in the "App Garden" and install it immediately. Current M121/120 owners can update their firmware in the future to 3.0 to have the same features as the M121S.

Update: the TVpad management have mentioned that the 512M RAM inside the M121S was a typo. Actually, there is only 256M RAM inside the M121S, so the amount of RAM is the same compared to the M121. The main difference is that there is firmware 3.0 inside the M121S allowing you to watch more foreign channels (Korean live channels). As mentioned above, M121/120 owners can update their firmware in the future to 3.0 to have the same features as the M121S. If you don't care about Korean live TV and a couple of more Chinese VOD apps on the short term, I would recommend the M121.

Update 2: the firmware upgrade to 3.26 can now be downloaded, see this post: TVpad firmware upgrade package 3.26. Also, the TVpad M121S is currently on sale for $199, see this post: TVpad M121S sale $199

Pictures of the new interface in firmware 3.0

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