Thursday, August 2, 2012

More TVpad M121S apps are coming? (粵海時移 app, Taiwan star 星 app and sports app)

It seems that more apps are coming besides the Korean apps and the video on demand apps (mentioned in my previous posts) on the TVpad M121S. The next apps are not announced yet and it seems that they are not yet available on the TVpad M121S (with firmware 3.0):

The first app is the Guangdong Time-shift app (粵海時移 app). This app (known for live HK channels) delays the livestreams by 12 hours.

The second app (Taiwan star 星) seems to be an app with content from Taiwan, perhaps more live channels from Taiwan?

The third app is another sports app. Maybe more sports channels?

When I know more information about these apps, I will make another post to keep you updated.