Thursday, October 25, 2012

The quality of the TVpad livestreams

Below, I have listed the average bitrate of the livestreams of the more popular TV channels. I think people will find this information useful before they buy this machine. 

Please note that the bitrate can be changed by the TVpad management anytime. The output of these streams is normally in 720 x 576 format. If you want to know the quality of another TV channel, please comment below.

TV-channel                                          Average bitrate

高清翡翠台HD (TVBHD)                          1050Kbps
翡翠台 (TVB)                                           800Kbps
J2                                                           800Kbps
本港臺 (ATV)                                           800Kbps
互動新聞台 (24H news)                             800Kbps
亞洲高清台                                              800Kbps


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