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TVpad M233 games download link + instructions

TVpad M233 games download link + instructions

There is now more information about the games that can be played on the TVpad M233 (TVpad2). Currently, there is 12 games that you can play on the TVpad M233 (TVpad2) that has firmware version 3.70 or higher. More games will be released in the future (100+). Follow the steps below in order to play the games on your TVpad M233 (TVpad2).

Step 1: First, download the "Game Installation Assistant" (游戏安装助手.rar) package: Game Installation Assistant package (use "right click", "save as") and extract the 游戏安装助手.rar package.You should get the file called "gvos2-sd3".

Step 2: Copy the extracted "gvos2-sd3" file to your USB stick along with the games (.pkg game files can be downloaded below). Do not change the name of the extracted file  "gvos2-sd3", otherwise it won't work.

Step3: Connect your USB stick to your TVpad M233, install the file and the games and play.

TVpad M233 games download link:

TVpad game 1: 拳击擂台 (boxing game)
拳击擂台 download link: boxing game download link

拳击擂台 (boxing game)

TVpad game 2: 路亚钓鱼 (fishing game)
路亚钓鱼 download link: fishing game download link

路亚钓鱼 (fishing game)

TVpad game 3: 喜羊羊之找不同 (famous cartoon game)
喜羊羊之找不同 download link: 喜羊羊之找不同 download link

喜羊羊之找不同 (famous cartoon game)

TVpad game 4: 快乐蹦床 (racing game)
快乐蹦床 download link: racing game download link

 快乐蹦床 (racing game)

TVpad game 5: 快乐蹦床 (trampoline game)
快乐蹦床 download link: trampoline game download link

快乐蹦床 (trampoline game)

TVpad game 6: 百米冲刺 (sprint/athletics game)
百米冲刺 download link: sprint/athletics game

百米冲刺 (sprint/athletics game)

TVpad game 7: 眼明手快1 (speed and accuracy game)
眼明手快1 download link: 眼明手快1 download link

眼明手快(speed and accuracy game)

TVpad game 8: 眼明手快2 (speed and accuracy game)
眼明手快2 download link: 眼明手快2 download link

眼明手快(speed and accuracy game)

TVpad game 9: 黑白棋2 (othello2 game)
黑白棋2 download link: othello2 download link

黑白棋2 (othello2 game)

TVpad game 10: 快乐豆豆 (antartic sports game)
快乐豆豆 download link: antartic sports game download link

快乐豆豆 (antartic sports game)

TVpad game 11: 全景乒乓 (table tennis game)
全景乒乓 download link: table tennis game download link

全景乒乓 (table tennis game)

TVpad game 12: 快乐乒乓(table tennis game)
快乐乒乓 download link: table tennis game download link

快乐乒乓(table tennis game)


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