Friday, December 7, 2012

TVpad firmware upgrade package to 3.26 released

Various TVpad firmware upgrade packages to the latest firmware version 3.26 has been released and can be found below. Go to Settings icon (grey icon) and then system info icon (last icon) to check your current firmware version. Depending on your current hardware model and firmware version, download the correct firmware upgrade package.

Go to this page for the TVpad3 promotion packages:

Supported hardware models: TVpad M120-3201, M120-3301, M121-3311, M121S-3311
Supported firmware versions: 2.62, 2.70, 2.72 (for M120 and M121 users)
                                              3.06, 3.12, 3.14 (for M121S users)

TVpad firmware upgrade packages to 3.26 download

Instructions to upgrade your current firmware version to firmware version 3.26:

Note: you will need to install the apps again after the firmware upgrade to 3.26. All the apps can be found in the "TVpad store" inside "App Manager".

1. First, download the correct firmware upgrade package depending on your current hardware model and firmware version.

2. Then, put the downloaded upgrade package (.tar file) in an USB-stick (don't put it in a folder).

3. Now, start your TVpad and connect your USB-stick with your TVpad. Temporary, remove the micro-sd card from your TVpad (only if your TVpad model has a micro-sd card slot)

4. Go to settings (grey icon on the left side), then go to the green upgrade icon (with 2 arrows in the icon). After that, allow it to update to firmware 3.26. It takes about 5-10 minutes to update the firmware and it will automatically reboot your TVpad after that. After the firmware upgrade has been completed, it will take about 5-10 minutes to start-up for the first time.

5. After the firmware upgrade to 3.26, you need to install the apps again in the "TVpad store" inside "App Manager". Take a look at the search app (应用搜索器) and install it (more apps can be found in this search app, including 粵海寬頻, 粵海時移, HITV and 港粤快看). 
After opening the search app, click on the "OK" button to see all the apps available. 
Then, click on the apps (in Chinese words) you would like to download. The downloaded apps are stored in your micro-sd card. 
Then go to the "Others" tab inside "App manager". In this tab, you can install the apps you have downloaded..

Note: If you don't see any apps in the "TVpad store" inside "App Manager" after the firmware upgrade, first find out whether the user icon on the bottom (right) is green or grey. If it's grey or if you are getting "the user does not exist message", contact the customer service about your problem and include your MAC address.


  1. how do i know if my tvpad is m120-3201 or m120-3301?

  2. Go to "Settings" in the main menu, then select "System info" option.
    Information will be shown about your device, including whether your device is m120-3201 or m120-3301.

  3. Thank you very much for your help. It works like charm!!!
    Have yourself a Merry Christmas!

  4. For step #1, how do I download it?

    1. Go to the download link provided above the instructions:
      "TVpad firmware upgrade packages to 3.26 download" (This is the link)

  5. I have an M121 firmware 2.72 trying to upgrade firmware. I downloaded creatent_usb_update_M121_3311_GVOS2.tar
    45729 KB unto my usb, plugged to my tvpad, saw USB icon on the screen, went to upgrade but says 'no available upgrade' ....please help?

    I tried to keep the .tar file and uncompress it...both are not recognized.

    1. Try using different usb sticks (with FAT32 format for example).

    2. Thanks for reply. I did try to reformat to FAT32. Still did not work. I even tried to format using TVpad but when plugged to my PC, that format was not recognized. Im at a loss, my brother has the same model and was able to upgrade firmware using the same steps. Frustrating!

    3. I think you also have tried an usb stick (formatted in NTFS), right?

      The microsd card in the TVpad (included in your retail package) is formatted in ext3. You could try reformat your USB stick into that format (ext3). There is free software on the Internet that can reformat your usb stick in ext3 and allowing you to access your USB stick/able to recognize your USB stick on your computer. Try putting the firmware upgrade package into that USB stick and try to upgrade it again.

  6. I tried the NTFS format and still same results. Tried to look for a freeware to format usb drive to ext3 seems a little too daunting for me :(

  7. Is there a way to store the downloaded PKG files for those cantonese channels on USB stick isntead of the microSD card?

    Reason is we do not know how long those channel apps will be availabe to be installed. Its best to be able to keep those files and install from USB later.

    1. You mean the apps from the TVpad Store? The apps that you have downloaded from the TVpad Store should be in the microSD card. Just use a software that can read ext3 format (as mentioned above). This software allows you to have access to your (downloaded) files on your microSD card.

      However, I don't think that it will help much. If someone orders them to remove the content, then I think the servers will be taken down of that content. I doubt they will only remove the app, so having these apps on your computer or USB stick does not help much.

  8. Hi, I have 'successfully' upgraded to 3.26 but when I click the apps manager, no apps store appear hence I cannot install any apps at all. please help. Thanks

    1. You are talking about that you can't see any apps in the app store, right? If you don't see the apps store, I am wondering whether you have downloaded the correct upgrade file.

      Is the interface on your device the same as the interface in the end of the first video above after the upgrade? If the answer is yes and you don't see any apps in the app store, try contact the customer service. They could help you with your problem.

      First, test whether your internect connection is working and check whether the user icon on the right bottom on your TV screen is green or not. If it is not green, contact the customer service and give them your MAC address. Also, maybe try restore your device to factory settings in the "option section".


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