Thursday, September 20, 2012

TVpad M121S Mid-Autumn Festival sales promotion

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon and because of that TVpad website is holding a promotion activity.

Promotion period: 21 September 00:00 - 30 September 24:00 (Beijing time)

The sales promotion activity is the same as the previous one:

1. Buy 2 TVpad units or more (in 1 order) and each TVpad will get a wireless network card for free.

2. Buy 10 TVpad units or more (in 1 order) and each TVpad will get a wireless network card for free    + you will get 1 TVpad unit extra for free. (In total, 11 TVpads + 10 wireless usb network cards) (TVpad M121S Chinese order page) (TVpad M121S English order page)

$30 discount code per unit (fill this in the order form): 14696673 (The discount coupon can still be used in this sales promotion activity)

The free wireless network card you will get when you order 2 TVpad units or more: GWF-3133 Wireless USB adapter (150Mbps 802.11n Wifi adapter):

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