Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TVpad2 specs and price released

TVpad2 specs and price released

Go to this page for the TVpad3 promotion packages:

TVpad2 (TVpad M233) specs and price has been released. The new features are as follows in the TVpad2 (TVpad M233) model that has firmware version 3.7: the ability to play more interactive games using the game controller (shown below), TVpad2 has a WIFI chipset built-in, so you don't need to buy a seperate WIFI USB stick as mentioned earlier, start-up time has been shortened and the ability to make network phone calls (VoIP, this feature is coming soon).

Price of the TVpad2 (TVpad M233) is 259 US dollar (free shipping) and the pre-sale will start tomorrow. After the pre-sale has been ended, you will need to fill in the gift code 14696673 in the order form in order to get the gift package valued $80 (this includes game controller, games and 4GB USB stick): TVpad M233 (TVpad2) official order site

 TVpad M233 (TVpad2)(it looks the same as the older TVpad models M121S, M121 and M120)

TVpad M233 accesoires

TVpad M233  back

TVpad M233 main interface (the same as the previous models)

TVpad M233 app interface the same as the previous models)

TVpad M233 (TVpad2) game controller (sort of like the Wii game controller)(game controller is optional)

TVpad M233 specs


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