Thursday, March 14, 2013

New TVpad app: Sohu TV app

New TVpad app: Sohu TV app (搜狐视频)

搜狐视频 (Sohu TV app)

One of the more interesting apps that has been released recently in the TVpad Store is the Sohu TV app (搜狐视频). Sohu is quite a big player in China (especially in the online video market) besides Youku and Tudou.

Sohu TV app (called 搜狐视频 in the TVpad Store) has, just like the 影视谷 app, a lot of video on demand content. This app has the latest TV-series, movies, TV-shows, cartoons, entertainment video's and more. 

You can watch the latest Chinese (this includes TVB series), Korean and American TV-series on demand. This is the same for movies: I saw a lot of Chinese, Korean and American movies in the movies section. 


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