Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What is TVpad

What is TVpad

what is tvpad

TVpad is a mediaplayer that offers the ability to play apps specially made for the TVpad mediaplayer. Each TVpad app offers different content. A TVpad app could have certain amount of livestreams of a particular country (for example Hong Kong, China, South-Korea, Japan or Vietnam).

A livestream means that you are going to watch the same TV broadcast live of a particular country. For more information about the different apps available for TVpad, see this post: apps information

Demonstration video's of the different apps can be seen in this post: Demonstration video's of the apps

There is currently two TVpad models you can buy: TVpad2 and TVpad M121S. The main difference between TVpad2 and TVpad M121S is that you can play games on the TVpad2, this is not possible on TVpad M121S. Furthermore, there is a WIFI chipset built-in inside TVpad2, this is not the case for TVpad M121S. For the other differences, see this post: TVpad2 vs TVpad M121S differences

The price of TVpad2 (TVpad M233) is 259 dollar, this includes free shipping. The price of TVpad M121S is 199 dollar. For information where you can buy these models, see this post: Official site to buy TVpad models


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