Tuesday, March 12, 2013

TVpad review (M121S model version)

TVpad review (M121S model version)

tvpad review

TVpad M121S model version has been released quite some time now. Compared to TVpad2 model version, TVpad M121S has a slower CPU and GPU. However, this does not affect the quality of the livestreams. If I have to comment on the quality of the livestreams, then I must say that I am quite satisfied with the livestreams (especially the livestreams from HK). The livestreams are not real HD quality (the bitrate   of the livestreams is usually somewhere between 750-1000 Kbps), but it good enough to watch. Also, I  have not experienced any major problems with the livestreams, so it's quite stable. For more information about the tvpad apps, see this post: apps information

There is also video on demand apps in the TVpad store. A video on demand app could have episodes of TV-drama's, movies, or/and variety shows. The video's (episodes of TV-series, variety shows) of the video on demand apps are updated quite regularly and released very fast (usually uploaded one day after the broadcast). The quality of the video's in the video on demand apps is generally quite good.

Since TVpad M121S model is a mediaplayer, I have tested various (own) video files and the results are as follows:

Type video file           Bitrate                Output format            Result
H264                     7200 Kbps             1920x1080              OK (OK=playing without any problems)
MKV                     5000 Kbps             1280x720                OK
RMVB (RV10)      2000 Kbps             1280x720                OK
RMVB (RV10)      5000 Kbps             1280x720                OK
RMVB (RV9)        2000 Kbps             1280x720                OK
RMVB (RV9)        5000 Kbps             1280x720                OK
RMVB (RV8)        2000 Kbps             1280x720                OK
RMVB (RV8)        5000 Kbps             1280x720                OK


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