Wednesday, December 11, 2013

TVpad user does not exist

TVpad user does not exist

In the recent days, some tvpad users are getting the tvpad user does not exist message on the TV screen even if their Internet connection is working fine. I don't have any problems on my tvpad's (tvpad, tvpad2 and tvpad3).

You could try change the DNS to or in the Internet settings on your TVpad and see if this solves the problem. It is important that you restart your TVpad after changing the DNS number or else you can't see whether this works or not. If you are seeing the green user icon on the bottom of your TV screen after restarting your TVpad, then you know that it works again.

Update (30 December 2013): many users around the world are getting the tvpad user does not exist message the past couple of days. If you are still getting the user does not exist message, change the DNS number to and restart your TVpad. It could take hours before it's working again, so don't shut down your TVpad.

All my TVpad units are working again after I have changed the DNS number to


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