Wednesday, July 25, 2012

TVpad M121S interface, retail box pictures, and new apps coming

A couple of retail box photo's of the TVpad M121S version can be seen below:

In a couple of weeks, the TVpad M121S version will be released that has a new firmware version (3.0). The hardware of the TVpad M121S version seems to be the same compared to the M121 version but the price of the M121S version will be higher than the current price of the M121 (so my advice is to buy the current M121 version before the price begins to rise). Also, there is no built-in wifi chip inside the M121S.

Current owners of the M121/120 version can upgrade the firmware in the future to enjoy the new features. One of the new features is the ability to watch more foreign channels (Korean channels). Also, a new feature is that the system will notify you when an update of an app is available.

A couple of pictures of the new interface:

The new apps that are coming along the M121S are as follows:

This VOD (video's on demand) app has the latest variety shows of mainland China.

This is a news (VOD) app offering the daily headlines of various topics.

This VOD app offers old movies on demand.

This VOD app has the latest TV series of mainland China.

This VOD app has the latest video's about health and medical issues.

This VOD app has educational content for children.

This app is about Buddhism.

Video's of M121S interface and app garden