Saturday, July 28, 2012

TVpad M121S 1-week sales promotion (extented)

You can order the TVpad M121S from 30 July till (and including) 5 August (Beijing time) for the promotion price of 229US Dollar ($199 after discount, see details below). The retail price of the TVpad M121S is going to be 259US Dollar ($30 higher than M121 version). As mentioned in the previous post, the TVpad M121S has a new interface and firmware version 3.0 which allows you to watch more foreign channels (Korean channels). Current TVpad M121/120 owners can upgrade their firmware in the future to enjoy the new features.

Update (December 8, 2012): For a limited period of time, you can buy the TVpad M121S for only $199, see this post: TVpad $199

Translated English order form 

The TVpad M121S promotion price conditions are as follows:

The price promotion period is from 30 July till (and including) 5 August (Beijing time)

1. Buy the TVpad on or on and copy the following words in the "other request" white column (其他要求) in the order form: "提前预定TVpad M121S新品,8月6日统一发货"  (I would like to get the TVpad M121S)

2. The TVpad M121S units will be shipped starting on 6 August.

3. The $30 dollar discount coupon per unit (14696673) can still be used in this promotion (so the price will be $199 per unit after discount has been applied) and also the Olympics promotion is still valid (see this post). For example, when you buy 2 TVpad M121S units in the price promotion period (30 July - 5 August), you will also get 2 wireless network cards for free.

Video's of M121S interface and app garden