Friday, July 6, 2012

TVpad M121/M121S: How to watch the same TVpad stream on any devices (Desktop PC, laptop, tablet (ipad), smartphone) besides your TV

Credits goes to "jason13863", "ninja168", and "phantoman" @ PA forum for pointing this out. 

First, you have to know the ip address of your TVpad in order to watch the same stream on any devices besides your TV (e.g. play the TVpad livestream on your iPad, iPhone and Android device). The ip address of your TVpad can be found in "settings" (Grey icon in the start menu), then go to "cable network icon" or "wireless network icon". Write that ip address down. Now, you only have to put a port number after the ip address. It begins with 6001 and any channel change on your TV will result in the port number to increase with 1 (thus 6002). If port number 6001 does not work for the first time, try port number 6002 and so on. Finally, copy that url to any media player (app) that supports streams (for example, VLC player on your desktop PC or Mac). You can use Oplayer to watch the livestream on your iPad or iPhone.

http://(ip address of your tvpad):(port number)

For example (note: ip address you see here is just random numbers) (any channel change on your TV increases the port number with 1)

and so on...............................................

If you want to record/save the stream, see this post

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