Friday, July 6, 2012

TVpad M121/M121S: How to record/save your TVpad stream

Following the previous post (watch the same TVpad stream on any devices), this post lets you record/save the same TVpad stream in a very easy way. See the following instructions:

1. Open VLC Media Player (free) on your Desktop PC or laptop.
2. Go to "View" and click on "Advanced Controls". Now a record icon will appear (above the play icon).

3. Go to "Media" and open your "Network stream" and then enter your network url (ip address tvpad + port number (see the previous post)). Hopefully, you can now see the TVpad livestream on VLC player.
4. Click on the record icon and now you are recording/saving the livestream. Click on the record icon for the second time to stop recording the livestream. The output of the recording/stream can normally be found in "Documents" -->  "Libraries" --> "Videos" (in Windows).

Note: 1 minute of recording is about 6-8 MB large.