Monday, December 10, 2012

TVpad Karaoke app (KTV) 我爱K歌

If you like to sing Karaoke, then TVpad Karaoke app (我爱K歌 app) is the app you want. TVpad Karaoke app has songs from many singers.

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The Karaoke app (我爱K歌) is available for firmware version 3.06 and 3.26, also this app can be found in the "TVpad store" inside "App Manager" (firmware version 3.26). If you don't have firmware version 3.26 yet, upgrade your firmware first. The instructions to upgrade your firmware to 3.26 can be found on this blog.

You can choose whether you want only the background music (without voice) or the voice of the singer included by pressing the "Menu" button on your remote control. A menu will appear on the top of your TV screen with several options. If you press the "OK" button on the first option (left), the music video will restart again with the new setting.

Use the AV-cable to connect your TVpad with your karaoke system.

TVpad ktv app
我爱K歌 app


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