Friday, December 7, 2012

Time-shift 粵海時移 app

Time-shift 粵海時移 app (available for TVpad M233 (TVpad2) and TVpad M121S) delays the livestreams by 12 hours. This app is useful if you live in a country where you can't watch the "normal" livestreams due to time difference. This app only works with firmware 3.0 or higher. Upgrade your firmware if you don't have the latest firmware version.

This app (see app icon below) can be found in the TVpad store inside the "App Manager". Install this search app (应用搜索器) first in the TVpad store. Open this app and press the "OK" button to see all the available apps. The available apps includes the time-shift app 粵海時移. Click on the title of the time-shift app and this app will then be downloaded. Then, go to the third tab "Others" inside ""App Manager". There you will find the downloaded app, click on it to install the time-shift app.

TVpad M233 (TVpad2) and M121S time shift app 粵海時移


  1. My TVpad is using firmware 3.14, but I don't see this app listed in the app manager. Please help

  2. This app is available online in thr app manager if you have firmware version 3.26.


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